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Lens technology is constantly evolving. At MacKenzie Eye Care our Optical Manager recommends Nikon brand lenses and Transitions. Nikon is at the forefront with its flair for precision manufacturing and development of patented progressive and single vision lens designs. Thanks to Nikon’s pursuit of continuous innovation; breakthroughs in progressive lens design has generated new possibilities in presbyopic correction. Nikon allows a wide range of options that will deliver superior optical performance, better aesthetics and comfort, all within a single lens. Nikon also provides a wide range of single vision lenses that will not only meet your visual needs but offer you the utmost in cosmetic appeal. Over the years, innovations in plastics have made it possible to produce higher indices, resulting in increasingly thinner and lighter lenses.

The Transitions family of brands has a product for anyone who wants more than a basic lens. All Transitions® lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. All Transitions® everyday adaptive lenses have a mode for every moment. Our Doctors of Optometry recommend considering Transitions® when purchasing your lenses. Transitions® adaptive lenses optimize the amount of light that reaches your eyes, going beyond vision correction, to reduce glare, eye fatigue and strain, for more effortless sight.

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